The Strategic Planning Committee’s suggestion to include “Business” as an Area of Opportunity was adoptedĀ  and this became its FOURTH area of Opportunity. Official Publication : LEADER, Offcial Langugage : English, Japanees, Spanish, French, Koeean.


This time Jaycees got linked with United Nations Conference of Environment and Development (UNCED) and held a Global, Citizens ConferenceĀ  for UNCED at Rio De Janeiro at Brazil.


The first International Model United Nations programme “IMUN” was held at the UN Headquarters in New York, and it was attended by over 500delegates from all over the world.


1989 was an historic year for JCI as services were extended to the Eastern Bloc countries of Estonia (USSR), Poland and Hungary.


At the 39th JCI World Congress in Sydney, Australia, the organization’s name was again changed from Jaycees International to Junior Chamber International.


Honorees were recognized at the first Outstanding Young Persons ceremony at the 38th JCI World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan.


At the 38th JCI World Congress in Taipei, the organization’s name was changed from Junior Chamber International to Jaycees International.


The current World Headquarters was built in Coral Gables, Florida, USA to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Junior Chamber International.


The rapidly growing World Headquarters moved to its own building in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.


The first permanent World Headquarters was established at the United States Jaycees War Memorial Headquarters Building in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Philip Van Slyck was hired as JCI’s first full-time Secretary General.